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Previously real estate developers had got a good return on building industrial units have recently found it harder to sell or lease these units. Tenants therefore are in a better position to pick the units, which suit them the best in terms of location for Clementi Ave 1 Condo as well as price.

At the moment therefore, things are good for tenants, especially those looking for bargains in relation to buying or renting industrial premises and units. Tenants like Matthew Goh, who is the owner of a company that deals with logistics as well as warehousing.

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Prior to September his firm was renting a 2,000 sq ft Basement 1 unit in Lorong Bakar Batu in MacPherson at a cost of around $1.70 per sq ft per month (psf/mo). Tenants in Singapore are now able to react in the way he did when the rent was increased.

Matthew Goh left after the landlord decided to increase rental levels up between $2.10 – $220 psf/mo over the course of a two year rent contract. When demand for industrial units was higher in Singapore then the landlord would not have the rent hike. However Goh was not prepared to pay the extra rent, and he apparently has a better understanding of the Singapore industrial real estate than his former landlord.

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Instead he and his firm now let a 2,000 sq ft basement 1 unit at Ark@Gambas in Sembawang, Singapore for the bargain price of $1.20 psf/mo. Such Clementi Singland Homes Condo savings are too good to be ignored especially when firms are finding it difficult to sell enough of their products.

Further more Goh found he did not have to drive a hard bargain because landlords were keen to let empty units at markedly lower levels than had previously been the case. He found there was a wide choice of industrial units going at the rate of $2,000 a month.

Many of the Clementi Site UOL Condo industrial units sited next to the one that Matthew Goh currently lets were still vacant when The Straits Times made a recent visit. Although this warehousing project was actually finished in the final quarter of last year. For example, on the first floor, 23 of the 40 units are still available to be purchased, or indeed rented.

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Singapore UOL Clementi Condo property developers may have been over confident in constructing more factory and warehousing units then there are companies and individuals to occupy them. Experts have become increasingly convinced that this is the case. Property developers had expected that local companies would continue to boost their production and thus need extra storage facilities yet that has not been what happened at all. For instance, in the Singland Homes Condo area there are three more multiple user factory and industrial projects, which have units up for sale. That situation could get worse for developers and landlords as more projects are in the process of being built. Such developments were ordered as at that stage the Singapore economy was stronger and the outlook for future sales of good that much brighter.

This surplus of Singapore Land Singland Homes factory, industrial, and warehousing units the this part of the property market is certainly really good for the tenants at the moment. Tenants have the advantage of being able to pick the best deals for them as landlords compete with each other to rent out or to sell their empty industrial units.